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Ved Rævebakken 4, 2670 Greve
Tlf: 21 78 12 87 / 20 75 01 81
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Welcome to our web site.

On this short page we have translated (or rather rewritten) part of the web site. If you want to read everything, you will have to check out the main site, which is in Danish (or wait for an English translation later on). Only the page you are currently reading and the headlines for the menus have been translated at this point in time.

eXperIT is a Danish IT consultancy company. We are very small, but with many years of experience within the IT business. We focus on practical solutions and do not waste time on unnecessary issues.

We specialize in various areas, such as consultancy, web design, databases, and solution development.

If you need someone to help you out with the technicalities of IT (e.g. an internal project) or you need guidance or how to take charge of your IT suppliers without having in-house technical knowledge, then we may be able to help out.

eXperIT is owned by two very experienced IT consultants. We have extensive practical experience with international as well as local and domestic IT projects.

We are completely independent of software and hardware suppliers, so if you need someone neutral to advice on technical or business matters please call us.

Our main experience is within mainframe systems (such as Natural/Adabas or COBOL/DB2), Internet systems (such as CGI, ASP, Perl etc.) as well as client/server and personal systems (e.g. local database systems based on Microsoft Access or Oracle - or specially developed systems in Delphi).

If you need to have your current systems analyzed, or if you need to evaluate a new project, then we are the people to call.

Furthermore, if you have say a legacy system (based on mainframe or similar technology) and you want this linked with your web site, then your current IT suppliers might have told you this was impossible. Let us take a second look and find a practical solution for you. It might be feasible - also from a financial point of view.

Call us on +45 21 78 12 87 or +45 20 75 01 81. Or even better: Mail us the details of your request on experit@experit.dk

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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